How to Unlock Bootloader and Root YU Yureka


YU Yureka is the Micromax offering running on Cyanogen OS in India and is only exclusive to Micromax.  Apart from being a good budget Android device, YU Yureka has another advantage over other normal Android devices and that is the freedom to root your YU Yureka without  voiding the warranty. Yes, you heard it right. Rooting or Installing custom ROM on your  device will not void your warranty. Hence, it is safe to root your YU Yureka device by unlocking the bootloader without voiding your warranty. Here is how you can do it with a step by step guide.

How to Unlock Bootloader of YU Yureka

Note: Unlocking the bootloader deletes all data from your device.Hence it's always recommended to perform a complete backup of your device. 

Step 1: Download and Install ADB and compatible device drivers on your PC.

Step 2: Power off your YU Yureka by pressing the power button and selecting Power ff.

Step 3: Download the YU Yureka root files for your device. The files are in Zip format, extract them to a new folder. 

Step 4: Put your device on Fastboot Mode. To do this Press and hold the Volume Up key of your device and connect it to PC using Data cable. Keep the Volume Up key pressed until your device is put on Fastboot Mode.

Step 5: Next, open the root file folder that you have extracted in step 3. Inside the folder press and hold the SHIFT key and right-click anywhere (blank area). Select “Open command window here” option.

Step 6: In command prompt window type in the following command:

fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem unlock

Step 7: If the Command window doesn’t display any error, that means you have successfully unlocked YU Yureka Bootloader.

How to Root Yu Yureka

To root Yu Yureka first you have to flash CWM Recovery and then install SuperSU app to root your device. The CWM Recovery is a custom recovery with additional features.

Step 1: Turn on your device and connect it to your PC using USB cable.

Step 2: Download SuperSU binaries and move it to your phones internal memory or external SD card.

Step 3: Disconnect your device from PC and turn off it. Wait till it shut down completely.

Step 4: Next, put your device on Fastboot Mode. To do this, press and hold Volume Up key and connect your device to PC using USB cable. Keep it pressed until you see Fastboot Mode.

Step 5: Now again open the same YU Yureka root files folder that you extracted while unlocking the bootloader. While holding the SHIFT key, right-click on a blank area and select “Open command window here”. 

Step 6: In the command prompt window, type in the following command:

fastboot -i 0x1ebf flash recovery Yureka-Recovery.img

Step 7: Once finished, disconnect your device from the computer.

Step 8: Now, press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Key simultaneously. Keep it pressed until the device vibrates and  boots into CWM Recovery Mode.

Step 9: Navigate to Install Zip using the Volume Key and press power button to select the option. Select Choose ZIP from /sdcard if you have copied the SuperSU to internal memory. Or select Choose ZIP from /storage/sdcard1 – if you have copied it to your external SD card .

Step 10: Find the file and press the power button to Flash it. Once it’s flashed, select Reboot System Now to restart your device.

If everything went right, then you  have Rooted your YU Yureka device successfully. You can also confirm the root by installing Root Checker app from Play Store.



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