How to Share Text / Quotes from Blogs as Image on Twitter


Twitter allows the users to share short messages with maximum 140 characters  called as tweets. However the 140 character limit could be frustrating if you want to share a longer message. Now either you can make of use of services which allows you to text more than 140 characters in twitter, or you can simply share screen shot of the text you would like to share. Irrespective of what you chose here is how you can share quotes as images on Twitter.

The first thing you could do is make of use services, which allows you tweet more than 140 characters on twitter. For this I have already made a pretty decent list of services, which allows you tweet more than 140 characters. The list includes, Tinypaste, JumboTweet, Tweet Longer and Tall Tweet etc. You can read more about how to tweet more than 140 characters on twitter here.

How to Share Quotes from Blogs as Image on Twitter

Now coming back to the topic, you can also share text and quotes from websites as  images on twitter. This could come in handy, when you come across a thought-provoking piece of news or a quote while browsing a website and you want to share it on twitter. Since twitter restricts your tweets to 140 character only, you won’t able to share the quote or text as a tweet. With the help of services like PullQuote and you can share text from web as images on twitter. Here is the list of services, which allows the users to share text and quotes and images on twitter.

Tweet Text as Images using PullQuote

PullQuote is a Google Chrome extension and it allows you to share text from web pages as an image on twitter. Apart from sharing the text as images, it also allows the users to short link, copy texts and file a quote without sharing it on twitter. This would come in hand if you want to save something for sharing later or want to use for personal use. 

Nonetheless, PullQuote is a Google Chrome only extension, hence you would not able to use it on any other web browsers like Firefox etc. Here is you can use it.

Step 1: Download and install (Add) PullQuote on Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: As soon as you add PullQuote on Google Chrome, PullQuote will take you to the login page. Yes, you have to register or create an account before you can make use of this service.

Step 3: Restart Chrome. 

Step 4: Now whenever you drag and highlight text on any webpage PullQuote options will appear below the highlighted text. The options include Tweet, File, Copy and Link.


Step 5: Click on Tweet button and login to your twitter account. Next, type / paste  the text and click on Tweet to share text as image along with your tweet on twitter. The app will automatically add source name to the image you have shared.


Tweet Text as Images using

Not using Google Chrome? Well, you can still share text as images on twitter using Best thing about is, it doesn’t have any platform restriction. You can use your mobile device or your PC with any web browser to use this service. 

Unlike PullQuote, doesn’t allows you to directly highlight and share the text as image. But, requires you to copy the text, paste it on and then share it. However, it comes with an added advantage and that is the ability to customize your text the way you want. You can edit the copied text, change the font, make it bold, italic and even can add bullet points. 

All you have to do is visit ( update: service unavailable temporarily)  and login to your twitter account by allowing the access. Once you have logged in you will see a regular tweeting box with 140 character limit and a another Storming area for pasting or entering the text that you would like to share as an image.

Enter your tweet with #tag ( if any) link (if any) and then paste or enter your message / text / quote that you would like to share as image in the “Enter your Tweetstorm here” text field. 


Before you click on Tweet button do note that you can customize the font and styling of your text. You can also remove the Watermark of by unchecking the option. Click on Arrow icon to change the background color of your image.



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