How to Send GIFs on Facebook Messenger on iPad and iPhone


Have you tried the third-party keyboard on your iOS 8 running iPhone or iPad? How about trying GIF keyboards? GIF keyboards allows you to send GIFs over messages. Nevertheless, this isn’t same with Facebook messenger. So, here is how you can send GIFs on Facebook Messenger on your iPhone and iPad running on iOS 8.

Well, the support for third-party keyboards is something the latest OS update brought for the iPhone and iPad users. There are several types of keyboards available and one of them is GIF keyboards.  GIF keyboards allows you to send GIFs on your chat. However, this isn’t same with Facebook messenger as it does not support GIF keyboards. May be Facebook simply want to promote its own sticker app, by restricting keyboard apps to its Messenger. 

Now to over come this restriction, you can make use of an app called GIFjam for Messenger. GIFjam for Messenger is a free iOS app which allows you to select and send GIFs from its libraries on Facebook Messenger.

GIFjam isn’t a keyboard app, but simply a workaround. Basically, what it does is, it allows the users to search and select a GIF from the app and sending it via the messenger app. Here is how you can use it to send GIF on Facebook Messenger on iOS 8 running devices.

How to Send GIFs on Facebook Messenger on iPad and iPhone

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Facebook Messenger (i.e. v23.1) on your device. Your friend or the receiver should also have the same (latest) version of Facebook Messenger installed to make use of GIFjam for Messenger.

Step 2: Download and Install GIFjam for Messenger on your iOS 8 running iPad and iPhone.

Step 3: Once installed, open the App. Now you have to search for the available GIFs from its library. You can also tap on Top GIFs tab to see the most popular GIFs or even can record GIFs using your phone’s camera.

Step 4: Once you have selected the GIF to be sent,  tap add text and type in your text.

Step 5: Select the GIF and tap on Send button. Next, select the recipient from the top right. 

Step 6: As soon as you select the recipient, you will switch to Facebook Messenger app and the GIF will be sent to your selected Recipient.

That’s it. Once your GIF has been sent, you can see it in action on Messenger app and Facebook chat. 

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