How to Disable Autoplay Feature on YouTube


If you use YouTube consistently then you might have seen the latest Autoplay feature added by YouTube. The Autoplay feature automatically plays the next suggested video with interval of few seconds. However, in case you are finding it annoying and wants to disable it then here is how to disable Autoplay feature on YouTube while playing videos.


As mentioned earlier the latest AutoPlay feature automatically plays the next suggested video after few seconds. The 3 second gap is given to cancel the next play. Although, this feature may seem to be a handy feature for the people who wants to automatically play next popular videos.  But, everyone isn’t comfortable with it and it could be annoying for the many as you have to cancel the next video every time after watching a video on YouTube.

The good news here is, there is a way out and you can easily disable autoplay feature on YouTube. Here is how you can disable Autoplay feature on YouTube from the settings.

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How to Disable Autoplay Feature  in YouTube 

Step 1: Open YouTube on your PC.

Step 2: Play any video and when the video ends click on Cancel to cancel the playing of next video.

Step 3: Now look at the right top corner and below your YouTube account profile picture an option named as Autoplay with a ticked mark.  For once it may look like a random ad, but this is the option to disable autoplay on Youtube.


Step 4: Simply click on the Check mark icon to disable it. 


That’s it. You have successfully disabled autoplay feature on YouTube. If you want to turn the feature on again, then simply click on the check mark icon again and it will be enabled. If the option is in dark blue that means the feature is enabled and if the option is in grey that means the autoplay feature has been disabled. 



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