Best Free Photo Collage Making Apps for Windows 8.1


Making collage out of photos isn’t something new, however the trend is back again with a boom on social media. Even several social networking services are offering photo collage making features inbuilt, which allows you to multiple photos within the same frame. Apart from this, you can also make Photo Collages on your PC with the help of free Photo collage makers for your Windows PC. Here we have listed the best free photo collage makers for your Windows running PC. 

best Windows 8.1 apps to create photo collage

Best Free Photo Collage Making Apps for Windows 8.1

PicsArt – Collage Maker for Windows 8.1

PicsArt is a powerful photo collage maker and allows the users to create collage using their photos. It comes with three mode to create photo collage namely Grid, Frame and Background. All of them offer different types of collage templates like birthday, travel etc. You can also create collage by adding photos from services like Flickr, Instagram and Facebook etc. 

Fotor  – Collage Maker for Windows 8.1

Fotor is a yet another free collage maker for your Windows PC. All you have to do is add your pictures and then customize it by changing the border, background and template. Like PicsArt, Fotor also comes with three mode including Template, Freestyle and Photo stitching.  

El Collagero – Collage Maker for Windows 8.1

El Collagero is a powerful collage app that transform your picture into customizable collages. You can customize the shape of your collage and pictures, move, rotate and size the pictures. It also offer  60+ collage templates for small collages with 1-8 pictures. Other features includes ability to add postcard frame, text and ability share your collage with other apps. 

Tap Collage – Collage Maker for Windows 8.1

Tap Collage is a simple collage maker and doesn’t come with lots of customization. Apart from creating photo collages, you can also use Tap Collage to make e-cards with pre-defined templates. It also allows the users to share their collages on social media, ability to print collages and ability to handwrite and draw on photos collages.

Atlantas – Collage Maker for Windows 8.1

Atlanstas collage maker for Windows 8.1 comes with two layouts named as Smart and Advanced layout. The first Smart Layout comes with basic customization options like border and layout. Whereas the Advanced layout offers advanced features like placement of images and shapes, templates, background and photo shape customization options.  other features of this app includes, create single collage with maximum of 21 pictures, photo editing tools, 100+ templates and sharing options. 

Phototastic – Collage Maker for Windows 8.1

One of the best feature of Phototastic is it allows you to add up to 25 photos to a single collage. You can add photos to your collage from your Flickr account or directly from your camera. Other features of the app includes,  100+ collage templates Free mode with unlimited photos, Photo frames, Text and stickers, Photo shapes/masks, Stylish backgrounds, Adjustable inner and outer borders and Built in action camera.

So these are the best free Collage maker apps for Windows 8.1 running devices. What’s your pick? Do let us know in the comments below. 


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