Best Free Internet Usage Monitoring Tools for Windows : How to


It’s great to have internet connection at home or office. But, having a limited mobile broadband plan requires a little extra care while using the internet. If you exceed the monthly  internet usage limit then there is a possibility that you might get a huge bill from your Internet service provider. To avoid this nightmare, you can make use of free internet usage monitoring tools available for Windows PC and Laptop. 


Internet usage monitoring tools allows you to monitor your monthly data usage and helps you to avoid the risk of exceeding your bandwidth limit. Here are few free program for your Windows PC, which can help you to monitor your internet usage and can give you alert when you are about to exceed your monthly data usage limit.

Best Free Internet  Internet Usage Monitoring Tools for Windows

WFilter Free

WFilter Free is more than just an internet usage monitoring tool. It is a free version of WFilter Enterprise version and comes with basic features like web filtering, internet filtering, p2p blocker and bandwidth monitoring of your internet connection. 

BitMeter 2

BitMeter 2 is an internet usage monitoring tool available for Windows and comes with  a desktop widget meter graph showing your download and upload speeds.  It also comes with a feature called ISP Restriction, which allows you to add a quota limit and will tell you how many days and bandwidth remaining before reaching your limit.  It also allows you to sort out your data usage by  hours, days and months.


Networx is a yet another internet usage  monitoring tool and is similar to BitMeter 2 and comes with similar set of features. All you have to do is install Networx on your Windows PC and you are all set to monitor your internet data usage. It allows you to set a daily, weekly and monthly quota with ability to track uploads and downloads. It will warn you if you are about to reach the limit of your monthly quota.

Cucusoft Net Guard 

Cucusoft Net Guard is bit different from other internet usage monitoring tools. After installation, it requires you to register for the service using your email Address. Once registered you make use of this tool for monitoring your internet usage activity. This tool has a very clean and easy to understand user interface. It also shows the users which are the programs currently connected to the network / internet. Like other tools, it allows you to set a monthly bandwidth quota and you will get a warning when you are about to reach the limit.


NetSpeedMonitor comes in handy if you don’t want to keep opening internet monitoring tools to check your data usage. The NetSpeedMonitor sits on your taskbar showing upload and download speeds. Simply right-click on your taskbar and under Toolbars click on NetSpeedMonitor to enable it. Other features of this tool includes daily, monthly and Weekly usage tracking, ability to view the programs connected to the internet etc. However, one thing missing in this tool is quota limit reminder, so make sure that you keep an eye on your usage.

So these are the best internet usage monitoring tools that you can use to avoid scary bills from your ISP ( Internet service provider). Additionally, I would also recommend you to set a reminder about when your internet pack is going to end. This would come handy if your ISP credits your remaining internet data to your new internet pack if you recharge on time. Do try them and do let us know if you any better alternative in the comment below.


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