How to Save All Your YouTube Videos to Google Drive


YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming service, and is being used by millions of video makers. In case, you want to create backup of your YouTube videos to upload it on other streaming service likes Vemeo etc, you can do this by saving your YouTube videos to Google Drive account. The process of saving YouTube videos to Google Drive is pretty simple, follow this article to know how to save YouTube videos to Google Drive.

How to Save All Your YouTube Videos to Google Drive

To save your YouTube videos to Google Drive you can make use of a feature called Google Takeout. The Google Takeout features allows you download your YouTube videos in their original resolution, but also allows you to save your video to Google Drive. 

Step 1: Go to Custom YouTube page and log-in with your Google account.

Step 2:  Select YouTube under product list. Skip, if already selected.


Step 3: Once selected, click on Next to proceed.

Step 4: Now you will see Customize Download format option. From the available options, select File Type as .Zip and Delivery method as “Add to Drive“.

Step 5: Once done, click on Create Archive


Now, Google will create archive of your videos in .zip format and will save the archive on your Google Drive account. Once the archive has been created, click on Manage Archive to manage your archives or click on Open in Drive button to view your file in your Drive account. 


You can download the saved videos from your Google Drive to your PC. If you have lots of videos to be saved, then the archive process may take few minutes to few hours depending on the size. Max size of the archive will be 2GB, if the size is more than 2GB then Google will create multiple files of 2GB. 

Additionally, if you want to download only one or two videos from your account, then you can download it from your YouTube dashboard easily. Alternatively, if you don’t want to save your videos to Google Drive, select Send link via email in delivery method to get the download link in your email. 


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