How to Reset / Restore Lumia Windows Phone with Recovery Tool


Software Recovery Tool helps you to reset and recover your Windows Phone powered Lumia devices in case something goes wrong with your device. Lumia devices with Windows Phone 8 /8.1 can make use of Software Recovery Tool to recover the device if it is not responding or if it’s not starting. Follow this article to know how to reset and restore Lumia Windows Phone devices.




  • Lumia smartphone running on Windows Phone 8  or Above
  • Create Backup of your Data
  • Minimum 4GB of Free Storage 
  • PC running Microsoft Windows 7 or Above
  • Compatible USB Cable 

How to Reset / Restore Lumia Windows Phone with Recovery Tool

Step 1: Create Backup of your data. Do note that using Software recovery tool will erase all your data hence the back up is recommended. You can use the same tool to restore the back up to your device later.

Step 2: Download and install Windows Phone Recovery Tool on your computer. Once the software has been installed, run the Application.

Step 3: Now connect your Lumia smartphone with USB cable to your computer. Wait until recovery tool detects your device.

Step 4: Once your device is detected, click on Install Software to start installing the software to your phone.

Wait until Windows Phone Recovery Tool installed software on your device by resetting the device to factory settings. This process may take sometime depending on your internet connection. Do not use your device while the installation is in progress. You device will reboot itself once the software has been installed and successfully.

By following the above steps you can reset and restore Lumia Windows Phone device easily with the help of Windows Phone Recovery Tool.



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