Fix The Selected ISO is not a valid ISO File Error in Windows 7/8/10


If you have been using the Windows 7 USB / DVD Download, Tool, then you might have come across this “The Selected ISO is not a valid ISO File.Please select a Valid ISO File and Try again” error. Follow this guide to know how to fix “The Selected ISO is not a valid ISO File. Please select a Valid ISO File and Try again” Error in Windows 7.

The Microsoft Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool allows you to create bootable Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 USB and DVD drives using the  ISO file. However, most of the time the users face this not valid ISO file error. Fortunately, there is a simple and quick solution to this problem.

The primary cause of the error could be your select ISO, which has only ISO9660 and missing the UDF and Joliet file system. So, the fix for this error is to rebuild your ISO with ISO9600 along with UDF and Joliet. Now to do this task you need an image burner software installed on your PC.

There are several DVD burning software out there which can do this task for you. However, the problem is that not all of them are free to use. We have mentioned two software in this post, Ultra ISO, and Image burner. While the Ultra ISO is free to download, but the free version won’t be able to repair large files like ISO. So, if you already have the premium version of the Ultra ISO, then that is the best tool for this job.

If not, we will recommend you to download and install ImgBurner software from the link given below. This is a free utility and can fix the error “The Selected ISO is not a valid ISO File. Please select a Valid ISO File and Try again” quickly.

To solve this issue, we will be using a software utility called Ultra ISO first. Ultra ISO is a file editing utility and allows the users to edit image files, extract files and folders from an ISO file directly, supports Joliet and ISO 9660 extension and more. Follow these steps to fix “The Selected ISO is not a valid ISO File. Please select a Valid ISO File and Try again” in Windows 7 USB / DVD Tool.

1 . Fix “The Selected ISO is not a valid ISO File” Error with Ultra ISO

Step 1: Download and install Ultra ISO from the below given link.

Get Ultra ISO

Step 2: Once installed, launch Ultra ISO. Next, click on File, select Open and choose the ISO File (Windows 7 / Windows 8 ISO file for which you want to create bootable USB drive)  from the directory where you have stored it. Click  Open to select the file.

Step 3: Now under Ultra ISO window, click on Properties ( check mark icon).


Step 4: In the Properties window, uncheck Joilet and then Uncheck Omite ISO 9660 version number.

Step 5: Next, click on OK. Click on File, select Save as and enter a name for the ISO file.

Step 6: Depending upon your ISO file size, the saving process may take few minutes. Wait until the process completes.

Once the ISO file has been saved successfully, open your Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool and create a bootable USB or DVD drive using the newly saved ISO file without any errors.

2. Fix “The Selected ISO is not a valid ISO File” with ImgBurn

1. Begin with downloading the ImgBurn Software from here and install it on your PC. It is a free software and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows OS.

2. Open ImgBurn, click “Crea image file files/folder” and drag-drop the ISO file to ImgBurn window.

3. Next, select the location where you would like to save the new ISO file by clicking on the browse button.

4. Next, you have to click on the Options tab and select file system as ISO6990 + Joliet + UDF from the drop down menu.

5. Click on the Build button to begin the ISO creation process and click on Yes button when shown. Click Yes button again is asked to confirm the Volume Lable, and at last click on the OK button. When the confirmation dialogue has been displayed, you know the ISO file is ready to be used.

Now use the Windows 7 USB / DVD Download, Tool, againa nd uses the newly created ISO file to prepare the bootable USB / DVD.


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