How to Find Android Phone When It’s on Silent Mode


Silent mode feature in cellular device is quiet common and definitely  a useful feature. It  comes in handy, when you are in a meeting and don’t want any disturbance or when you don’t want someone to disturb your quality sleep. Nevertheless, we usually tend to forget our smartphones somewhere while it’s on Silent mode and later go through all the hassle to find it. You can’t even find your device by giving a normal call to locate your Android phone, because it’s on Silent mode. Fortunately, you can locate your Android phone even when it’s on Silent with the help of Android device manager. Read more to know how to find your Android phone when it’s on Silent mode.


How to Find Android Phone When It’s on Silent Mode

Android Device Manager keeps a list of all your Android devices connected to your Google account. You can make your silent device ring and enable Lock and Erase data of your stolen or lost Android device remotely. Do note that, your device should be connected to cellular or WiFi network, to ring your device. Follow these steps to know how to do it.

1. Visit Android Device Manager using  your PC or any other device.

2. You need to login to the website using your Gmail (Google account) which is associated with your Android phone that is on silent mode.

3.  Once you have successfully logged in, you will see all your Android device being listed.


4. Now select the device which you want to find, simply click on Ring.

5. Click on OK to confirm the decision.


That’s it. Now wait for few seconds and your device which is on silent mode will start ringing with full volume for next 5 minutes. If you are still unable to locate your device, then read this article to know how to locate / find your lost or stolen Android device.


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