How to Enable Black and White Mode in iPhone and iPad (Grayscale mode)


For the users who have vision problem like color blindness and have difficulty viewing color images  here is how you can turn your iPhone and iPad screen into black and white. 

People with vision problem may prefer to view their device screen in Black and White mode. The latest version of iOS added an optional display mode called as Grayscale mode. Grayscale mode turn your iPhone and iPad screen into Black and White . The Grayscale mode option in iPhone and iPad can be accessed under Accessibility option.

How to Make iPhone and iPad Screen Look Black and White

Step 1: Find and tap on Settings.

Step 2: Tap on General and then on Accessibility.

Step 3: Now find Vision section and then Grayscale. Turn  the Grayscale mode ON by toggling the switch beside it. 

Step 4:  As soon as your enable the Grayscale mode, your iPhone and iPad screen will look like Black and White screen.

That’s it. You have successfully enabled the Grayscale mode on your iPhone and iPad and made your screen Black and White. However, do note that your captured images, screen shots and videos will be shown in color only, as Grayscale mode will not affect this area.

The Grayscale mode could also be used for the people who wish to read in dark. It could also be fun to see your iPhone and iPad in only Black and White avatar. For the reader who prefer not so bright display can use this work around to reduce iPhone and iPad brightness to the lowest possible or lower than allowed by Apple. 

In case if you don’t want to keep the Grayscale mode anymore than you can disable using the same steps. Simply tap on Settings, go to General and find Accessibility. Under vision section toggle the switch to turn off the Grayscale mode on your iPhone and iPad. As soon as your disable it, your screen will show normal colors. 


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