How to Download Google Earth Pro For Free


Google Earth is a geographical information program by Google and it shows virtual map view of earth on your PC. The program works by obtaining images from the satellites and is available in  free and pro version. The basic version of Google Earth is available for free, however the pro version of Google Earth known as Google Earth Pro costs $399 per year. However, now you can get it for free. Follow this article to know how to download Google Earth Pro for free.


How to Download Google Earth Pro For Free 

Google recently released its pro version of Google Earth for free. Follow these steps to download Google Earth Pro for free. 


Google Earth is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6.0 or above Linux.

Step 1: Download Google Earth Pro

You can download the Google Earth Pro and run it on your Linux, Windows XP or above and Mac OS X 10. Download Google Earth from the above link, run the downloader , and wait until Google Earth is completely downloaded.

Step 2: Get the Google Earth Pro Licence Key

To get your Google Earth Pro Licence key, Signup up for Google Earth Pro.  Visit the link and fill the form to signup. Once done, click on Sing me up and you will get an email on your Email account with Google Earth Pro Licence key. 

That’s it. Once you have received your Licence key, you can start using the pro version of Google Earth for free. The Pro version of Google Earth comes with few additional features than the basic version. 

The pro version of the service comes with additional  features including the ability to print high resolution screenshots, measure area, radius and circumference on the ground, Make compelling offline movies to share and ability to view demographic and parcel and traffic data layers.

Note: If you didn't receive Licence key on your Email account. Try with another email ID or Non-gmail email id.


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