How to Reduce the Size of Blu-Ray / MP4 Format Videos


In this age of high-definition, you can get movies and videos of top-notch quality with formats like Blu-Ray etc. Since, the streaming still requires internet connectivity that too lots of or unlimited fast data plans for streaming full HD videos on the go. The best way to enjoy HD media is to download all your contents to your storage device and save it for offline use. But, there is a downside of it, as it takes lots of storage space and you will easily run out of storage if you have Blu-Ray format movies. 


Now, if you want to save some storage space on your Hard Disk, you can always optimize your saved videos to save few gigabyte of space. Sometimes the optimization could save up to 50% of space on your Hard Drive.  Follow these simple steps to reduce size of Blu-Ray format videos on your PC.

To reduce the size of your HD videos you can convert your videos to H265. With H262 format you can reduce the video size by half without losing much of quality. H265 is not supported by every media player, however you should be able to play it on VLC Player, GOM Player and KM Player etc. 

Use IFME to Convert Videos to H265 

You can make use of IFME ( Internet Friendly Media Encoder) to convert your videos to H265 format. All you have to do is download the IFME and install it on your PC. Once installed, drop your media file and convert it to H265 format. 

The only downside of this is it takes bit more time to convert large videos. It would take about 9 minutes to convert a 100 MB video, which isn’t too fast for the size. However, if you want to save precious space on your hard disk, do go with the above method.  

Download IFME


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