How to Record Skype Video and Audio Calls on Windows


Skype, the popular VoIP service allows you to make free VoIP calls from your PC to any Skype installed device for free over Internet. Although, it allows you make both video and audio calls, it never had an option  or inbuilt feature to record those calls for future use or reference. As I mentioned, the ability to record calls would come in handy if you want to refer the conversation later for better understanding. Today’s article will show you how to Record Skype calls and videos on Windows PC. 


Since Skype doesn’t come with inbuilt option to record audio or videos calls, you have to look at third-party software available for free to download. Two of these applications are “Free Video Call Recorder for Skype” and “MP 3 Skype recorder”. First one allows you to record Skype videos calls and the former will record your Skype audio calls in MP3 format.  Let’s have a look at them and how to use these applications.

Record Skype Video Calls with Free Video Call Recorder for Skype

According to the developer, free Skype video call recorder is the first applications that allows you to record Skype video calls without any limits. And we agree with the claims. Unlike the other similar apps available online, free Skype video call recorder is the only app, which allows you to record video calls without any time limitation. However, do note that while installing this application, the app will try to install few other unwanted sponsored web tools on your PC, which you can easily avoid by un-selecting them at the time of installation.

Step 1: Download and Install free Skype video call recorder on your Windows PC

Step 2: Once the application is installed, you can find it under your Taskbar. 

Note: The app may warn you about informing the other side party about their call being recorded. Click OK to proceed. 

Step 3: It has three recording mode “Record All sides“Record Other side Only” and “Record audio only“. Select the mode you want.

Step 4: In output folder, select the directory on your PC where you want to save the recorded file. 

Step 5: Click on Red Record button to start recording the call.

This app also allows you to record Skype call in audio mode only.  If not download MP 3 Skype recorder.

Record Audio using MP 3 Skype recorder

If you want an audio only recording application, MP 3 Skype recorder will do this for you. Download and Install MP 3 Skype recorder on your PC. Once downloaded, launch the application from the Taskbar. Click on ON button to initialize the recording process. Now whenever you make a call using Skype, a pop-up will show up showing a recording notification. 


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