How to Record Screen on Android Lollipop Phone and Tablet


The latest version of Android, Android 5.0 Lollipop brought several new feature to the supported device. However, the latest firmware now also allows you to record screen on Android device. Although, you still need third-party screen recording apps to do this, but without root access. Follow this guide to know how to record screen on Android Lollipop smartphone and tablet.

The Android 4.4 didn’t have any apps, which would have allowed you to record your Android phone’s screen without having to root your device. However, the Android 5.0 Lollipop update removed this limitation and allowed the developers to build apps which allows the Android users to record their Android smartphone screen with ease. Here I have listed two best apps to record Android 5.0 Lollipop device screen.

 1. AZ Screen Recorder  : to Record Screen on Android Lollipop

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best Android app to record screen on your Android Lollipop device. The app does not require you to have a rooted device. The app is available for free to download, and also comes with unlimited recording without any watermark on the video. 

The App allows you to record HD and Full HD videos, ability to record audio using the mic, show screen taps / touches, set screen orientation and more. 

AZ Screen Recorder

1. Download and Install AZ Screen Recorder on your Android phone

2. Once installed, Launch the app and tap on Gear icon (Settings).

3. Now you have to specify the video resolution and bite rate. Higher the resolution, bigger the file size.

4. Now if you want you can also enable touch points. Specify the location where you want your videos to be saved.

5. Additionally, you can also set the time limit.  

6. Once done, go back and tap on Shutter button to start recording the app.

7. You can pause and resume the recording as well. Tap on stop to save the recorded video.

2. Lollipop Screen Recorder 

The second app is Lollipop Screen Recorder. The app is one of the simplest app you could find on Play Store. However, the Lollipop Screen Recorder app does what it claims by recording the screen. The app doesn’t have any customization options, not even an option to specify the recording resolution.


1. Download and install Lollipop Screen Recorder on your Android smartphone or Tablet.

2. Once installed, tap on shutter button to start recording.

3. If you want to record in Landscape mode, change the orientation before you start recording.

4. The videos will be recorded in HD resolution. Tap on Stop button to stop the recording and save the video.

By using the above mentioned apps, you can easily record Android Lollipop running device screen. This could come in handy if you want to create promotional videos, make video tutorials, record gameplay etc. 



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