How to Get AC3 and DTS Codec Support on MX Player


Being one of the most popular media player on Android other mobile platform MX Player has been doing great after its release. The player can certainly play any kind of file type /format on your Android running smartphone. However, the app lacks support for Dolby Digital, AC3 and DTS audio codec. That means your videos will play without any audio if they need eac3/mpl/ace/dts audio codec support.

Now if you want to add support for AC3 and DTS codec then you can do it by adding the custom codecs manually to the MX Player. Follow this step by step guide to know how to add AC 3 and DTS codec support on MX Player.


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How to Get AC3 and DTS Codec Support on MX Player

1. Launch MX Player on your Android device.

2. Tap on Tools icon (three dots), and select Settings from the drop down menu.


3. Now under settings, tap on Decoder. 


4. Under Codec settings, scroll down to the bottom and find Custom codec.


5. Now note down architecture of your Android phone or tablet. In my case it was x86 ( use x86  type custom codec).

6. Now go to this tread on XDA and download the AC3 codec file based on your Architecture type.

7. Once downloaded. go back to MX Player Settings > Decoder > and tap on Custom Codec.

8. Now you will be asked to select the code file. Just navigate to where you have saved your downloaded codec file and select it.


9. MX Player will restart after installing the codec. 

10. After restart, go back to Settings > Decoder > Custom Codec and you should see your custom codec applied.


It is not that MX Player didn’t have support for these codecs, but the support for these were later removed because of licensing issue. Fortunately, the custom codecs will now allow you to play your favorite media format without any problem.


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