How to Enable-Disable Avatar Menu in Google Chrome


Google Chrome browser recently received an update, which has added a new Avatar Menu feature to Chrome browser. If you have Avatar Menu enabled, your profile icon will change to your name. The new Avatar Menu and the profile manager allows you to do few things quickly. Like you can change your name with a simple click, open Incognito window or switch to another profile or account. However, if you didn’t like the new Avatar Menu in Google Chrome, you can always disable it and get back to your old profile icon manager.  Here is how you can enable and disable new Avatar Menu in your Google Chrome browser.


How to Enable-Disable Avatar Menu in Google Chrome 

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your PC or Mac.

Step 2: Type in following address in your address bar and hit enter:


Step 3: Now search for Avatar Menu.   You can also get to Avatar Menu directly from chrome://flags /#enable-new-avatar-menu

Step 4: Now to disable Avatar Menu, select Disable from the drop down list. 


Step 5: Now restart or relaunch Chrome browser.

Once you have disabled Avatar Menu. You will see your profile being displayed in top left corner. Now if you want to change your profile pic to any other icon you can change it from chrome://settings/manageProfile



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