How to Delete Selected Browsing History on Google Chrome


Deleting browsing history is very easy, however deleting browsing history selectively isn’t something known to the masses. If you are looking for a way to delete selected browsing history, this article will show you how to delete selected browsing history on Google Chrome.


How to Delete Selected Browsing History on Google Chrome

Follow these simple steps to know how you can delete browsing history of specific query.


Step 1: Open / Launch chrome on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Press Ctrl+ H on your Keyboard or type in following address in Address bar of Chrome:


Step 3: This will open history window on your PC.

Step 4: Now type in the keyword for which you want to delete the history in the given search field.

For example if you want to delete history related to the keyword GSM then type in GSM in search field.

Step 5: Hit enter to begin the search for related queries.

Step 6: Now you will be presented with all the links matched to your entered keyword.

Step 7: Now if you have more than one link then select the first history link, scroll down to the last link matching your keyword and select it while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard.

Step 8: This will select all your matched keywords.

Step 9: Click on Remove selected items to delete history for selected links.


That’s it. By following the above steps, you can delete browsing history only related to specific query or keyword. This comes in handy when you don’t want to clear all the browsing history you made on your browser. Unfortunately, Internet  Explorer or Firefox users don’t have this feature on their browsers now.


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