How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline on Android Phone and Tablet


One of the disadvantages of having slow internet connection is it make you to wait before watching your favorite videos on YouTube. Most of the time a smartphone with slow internet connection only shows buffering while playing YouTube videos. However, recently Google updated its YouTube app for India with Offline playback support. This Offline playback support now will allows you to watch YouTube videos offline on your Android smartphone. Follow this guide to know how to watch YouTube videos offline on Android Phone and Tablet.

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How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline on Android Phone and Tablet

Note: Offline video support in YouTube is only available for three countries including India, Philippines and Indonesia. However, you could make use this by using any Indian VPN service.

Step 1: Download and Install YouTube app from Google Play store (skip if you already have installed).

Step 2: Launch YouTube app on your Android Phone or Tablet.

Step 3: Now open any video that you would like to save for offline use.

Step 4: Now when your video is ready to be played, tap on Offline icon ( Down Arrow)bottom right, select your video resolution and tap on OK.




Step 5: Now YouTube will download and save your video for Offline use on your account.



youtube-offline-android-download- complete

Step 6: To watch your saved video, Go to Main menu of your YouTube account and click on Offline.



Step 7: Now you can see all your saved YouTube videos for offline use.

This feature comes in handy when you have slow internet connection, but are planning to watch the same video again and again in next few hours then you can use offline feature to save it and then watch it as many time as you want in next 48 hours. Do note that this video will be only available for 48 hours and post 48 hours it will be automatically removed from your account.


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