How to Use Quora and Other Websites in Night / Dark Mode on Chrome


Quora is one of the best place to ask questions, answer and to know interesting things. However, if you are too addicted to websites like Quora that even at night you are logged in then you may want find it difficult to read by keeping your lights off at night.  The best thing you could do is keep your lights on, however that may not be possible every time especially if you live with your roommates.


Fortunately, there is an alternative method through which you can read in dark easily without hurting your eyes and that is by enabling Dark mode or Night Mode in your Chrome browser. By default, chrome doesn’t come with any dark mode option, however there are several extensions to enable night mode on Google Chrome and Hacker Vision is one of them. Hacker Vision is a free Chrome extension, which allows you to apply high-contrast Dark theme to all websites to save your eyes with a dark background and light colored text.

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How to Enable Night / Dark Mode on Chrome

Step 1: Download and Install Hacker Vision from Google chrome store on your Chrome browser.


Step 2: Once installed, click on Hacker Vision icon. 

Step 3: Now select Hacker Vision to apply high contrast to your browser.


Step 4: Now if you want to disable this mode then click on Hacker Vision icon and click on Pause Hacker vision.

There are several other Chrome extensions to apply high contrast, which you can use if Hacker Vision is not working for you. Try High Contrast chrome extension. It also does same work as Hacker Vision and is simple to use. Download and install High Contrast on your chrome browser. Open it and click on Enable High Contrast to enable the dark mode. You can disable it by clicking on Disable High Contrast.


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