How to Use Problem Step Recorder to Create Step By Step Instructions of Anything


Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 running laptops and PCs come with a simple yet useful application called PSR (Problem Step Recorder) or SR (Step Recorder). This utility helps you to easily document any issue with your PC and send them to your technical team. It could also come in handy, if you want to create a detailed step by step tutorial for your blog reader by taking snapshots of each step.

The best thing about PSR is that it saves you from the hassle of taking snapshot of your each action for creating a detailed tutorial with required snapshots. Your actions will be saved in a zip file containing an MTHML file format, thus making it ready to send or use. Using PSR  is easy and it does not have any time limitation means you can record as many steps you want. Follow this article to know how to use problem step recorder on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 PC.

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How to Use Problem Step Recorder on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

Step 1: Close any unrelated program, file if opened, or minimize it so that it don’t get recorded.

Step 2: Click on the Start button and type in or search for psr.


Step 3: Click on psr.exe to start PSR application.


Step 4: Now Click on Red Start Record button to start recording.


Step 5: Step recorder will now start recording every action on your desktop. Open any program or file of which you want to create document.

Step 6: Once you are finished going through all the steps that you want to record, click on Stop Record button.


Note: If you want to skip any step from recording then you can click on Pause button and then resume it. You can also add comment between recording by clicking on Add Comment button.

Step 7: Now you will be asked to enter a name for your file, enter a name and then click on Save.  Your file will be saved as Zip file containing a MHTML format document with your recorded steps.

Step 8: Once saved, you can close PSR (Problem Step Recorder).

Step 9: Now open your saved file and open it with Internet explorer to see if everything has been recorded correctly or not.

Step 10: Now either you can use it on your blog for tutorial or send it to technical team through Email or by whichever means.


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