How to Use PC’s Keyboard with Android Phone and Tablet over WiFi and USB


I have been searching for a way to connect my PC’s keyboard to my Android tablet and fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult to find a solution for this. You can connect and use your PC’s full featured keyboard with your Android powered tablet and phones over WiFi or through USB OTG. Follow this article to know more about how to use PC’s keyboard with Android Phone and Tablet over WiFi and USB.


This ability to connect Keyboard to Android tablet comes in handy if you own an Android tablet with large screen and you want to use it for your work, which requires lots of typing as I do. There are two ways to connect your keyboard to your Android smartphone and tablet.

Method 1: Connect Keyboard to Android using Remote Keyboard over WiFi

Remote Keyboard is an Android app that allows you to connect your desktop keyboard to your Android phone and Tablet via WiFi. The app comes with simple yet easy to use user interface. Simply configure the app and you will be typing on your Android device with your desktop keyboard.

Step 1: Download and Install Remote Keyboard on your Android phone and Tablet.

Step 2: Make sure that you have connected your PC and Android Tablet to the same WiFi network.

Step 3: Now launch the Remote Keyboard app on your Android device, tap on OK to open Settings to enable input method as Remote keyboard and then select input method as Remote Keyboard.


Step 4: Now you need to connect your PC to your Tablet via Telnet client using listening port and host address shown in the app.


Step 5: Download a Telnet client called Putty on your PC.

Step 6: Launch Putty on your PC and enter the host address given by the Remote Keyboard in the Host Name field. Enter listening port number in the Port field.


Step 7: Click on Open and you will see a command window displaying the status of your connection.


That’s it. If you see the above command window then you are all set to type using your Keyboard on your Android Tablet.

Method 2:  Connect Keyboard to Your Android Tablet using USB OTG

USB OTG (on the go) cable allows you to connect your desktop keyboard to your Android phone tablet. Do note that not all smartphones and tablets come with OTG support. However, most of the latest Android devices come with OTG support.

You can purchase a USB OTG cable for as low as INR 50 from your local mobile store or from online retailers. Connect your USB OTG cable to Android tablet using the microUSB port and then connect your keyboard to USB OTG cable. Once connected you can start using your keyboard with your Android device. 

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