How to Speed Up Your OS X Yosemite Running Mac


Installed latest OS X Yosemite on your Mac? Yosemite has brought  several performance enhancements to your Mac, however if you have a old model of Mac then you may want to try these speed up tips mentioned in this article to speed up your OS X Yosemite running Mac.


To increase performance of your Yosemite running Mac, you can disable few unnecessary or rarely used features or applications on your Mac. Disabling them will result in less resource consumption, which means you get more performance.

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How to Speed Up OS X Yosemite Running Mac

Step 1: Disable Apps Minimizing Effect

You must have noticed Genie effect on your Mac while minimizing application window. Although, Genie effect looks great on Mac, disabling it can improve your system performance slightly. You can disable it from System preference settings of your Mac. To do this, go to System Preferences > then click Dock and under Dock window select “Scale Effect” for “Minimize windows using” option.

Step 2: Disable Transparency Effects

Following this step would definitely improve performance of your Yosemite Mac to some extent. Transparent effect on Menus and title bar may look good, but it makes use of lots of memory resources. By disabling transparency effect on your Mac, you could notice performance improvement in drawing windows and while launching finder. To disable transparency effects go to, System Preferences > select Accessibility and under Accessibility window, select / check “Reduce transparency” option to disable it.

Step 3: Clear / Delete / Move Unused Shorts Cuts and Folder icons from Desktop

This must have to be one of the oldest trick to work almost every time when your desktop becomes unresponsive or sluggish. For the ease of access we are tend to store everything on desktop from folders to shortcut icons. However, the more shortcuts and icons you have on desktop the more memory it consumes. So, removing or moving unwanted shortcuts and folders from the Mac desktop could speed up your Yosemite running Mac. Simply select all the folders and icons that you don’t want on your desktop and click delete to get rid of them. Alternatively, simply create a new folder on desktop and move all your shortcuts to that folder for ease of access with less resource usage.

Step 4: Disable Unnecessary Extensions

Extension really make your task more easier, however they can also affect your overall system performance.  The best thing you could do here is, disable unwanted extensions, which you rarely make use of. You can disable them from System Preferences > Extensions. Under Extensions window, click on Today tab and disable all the unwanted extensions by unselecting them. This will make your Mac perform better without loading up these extensions.

Step 5: Disable Power Nap from Energy Saver

Enabling Power Nap feature allows your Mac to create backup using Time Machine and periodically check for new email, calendar and other iCloud accounts. This feature may come in handy at times, but it could also drain your Mac’s battery faster. If you are OK with all these tasks not being performed automatically then it is recommended to disable Power Nap on your Yosemite Mac. To do this, go to System Preferences and open Energy Saver. Under Energy Saver window click on Battery tab, unselect “Enable Power Nap while plugged in to a power adapter”.

Follow all the above steps and reboot your OS X Yosemite running Mac to feel the difference. Even if these steps didn’t do well for you, then you may need to make the fresh install of Yosemite on your Mac.


  1. If a user will turn off many such apps then what would be left to work over Mac machine.
    Although, its a nice article but one more thing let me add over here is about Repairing File Permissions. this activity can also speed up Mac machine. Moreover, third party tools can be used (which are Yosemite compatible) like Stellar Speed up Mac for boosting Mac performance.


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