How to Install and Use iMessage on Windows PC – Laptop


Want to use iMessage on your Windows PC and Laptop? Follow this article to know how to  install and use iMessage on Windows PC in detail with step-by-step instructions.


iMessage is a Apple device only instant messaging service, and is one of the best instant messaging service available on the iOS platform. it’s fast, secure but limited to Apple device only. Now what if you want to use it on a Windows PC? Fortunately, you can install iMessage on Windows PC, with the help of your Jailbroken  iOS device and a tweak called Remote Message. Follow below steps and requirements to install iMessage on Windows PC.

Remote Messages is a Jailbreak tweak for iOS running devices and works as add on for your iMessage. Few things to note before you proceed with below steps. You should have an Jailbroken iOS device like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to install Remote Message tweak. You should have your Windows PC and iDevice connected to the same WiFi network and of course a Windows Machine to install iMessage on it.

How to Install and Use iMessage on Windows PC – Laptop

Step 1: Install Remote Messages on your iDevice: Remote Messages is jailbreak tweak and can be downloaded from Cydia. Search and install Remote Messages on your iPhone or iPad from Cydia for $3.99.

Step 2: Once you have installed Remote Messages on your iDevice, open it and go to Settings of the app.

Step 3: Next, enable Use Authentication by sliding the toggle under Login Account Details and enter new username and password.

Step 4:  Under Remote Message Settings, you should see an IP address as Current IP and a server port. Note it down, as you need to use it later.

Step 5: Now open web browser on your Windows PC.

Step 6: Enter the IP address that you have noted down from Remote Message settings in your browser address bar, press colon (:) and enter server port.


Step 7: Hit enter to access it.

Step 8: That’s it. Once you are successfully connected. You can now view and reply to iMessage directly from your Windows PC’s browser window. Although, this is just a work around, but can save you from the hassle of checking messages on your iPhone while you are working on your Windows PC.


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