How to Enable Auto-correct in Google Chrome


Auto-correct in your smartphones is a handy feature, as they always make sure that you type correct word and they have no misspelling before your post or text them. However, if you want you can disable Auto-correct on your Android smartphone. Now how about having this auto-correct feature in your Google Chrome browser? Today, this article will show you how to enable auto-correct in Google Chrome.


By default there are no auto-correct enable – disable option in chrome browser. However you can enable auto-correct option in your Chrome browser by accessing Chrome:// flags and enable spelling correction option.  Follow these steps to do the same.

How to Enable Auto-correct in Google Chrome

Method 1: Enable Automatic Spelling Correct from Chrome://Flags


Step 1: Open / Launch Chrome browser on your PC

Step 2: Type in following address in your address bar


Step 3: Scroll down until you see “Enable Automatic Spelling Correction” option.

Step 4: Under “Enable Automatic Spelling Correction” click on Enable to enable the auto-correct option in Chrome.

Method 2: Enable Automatic Spelling Correct using Extension

In case if the above method didn’t work for you then you can install an extension called AutoCorrect for Google Chrome(TM). This extension automatically corrects and fixes your spelling errors based on a user defined list as well as the built in default list. This extension works on text input boxes and text areas. However, do note that currently this extension does not support JavaScript running input boxes.


Download and install AutoCorrect for Google Chrome from Google chrome store. Once installed, your inputs will be automatically checked for errors and will be auto-corrected. If it doesn’t work on a certain text box, click on the extension icon and then click on the button inside the popup.


If you want to add your own list of words then click on extension icon, click Options and add the list of your words. You can quickly replace any word with quick add option.


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