How to Create Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive


The latest version of Microsoft’s computer OS is Windows 10 said to be the successor of Windows 8/8.1. Although, Windows 8 did not receive expected response from the users, Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to do better than its predecessor Windows 8. Although, Microsoft has announced Windows 10, the release has been scheduled to first quarter of 2015.


For the users who want to have the glimpse of Windows 10 OS they can download Windows 10 technical preview released by Microsoft. Now if you are planning to install Windows 10 technical preview on your PC then you can download and install it after creating a bootable disk or Flash drive. Follow this article to know how to create Windows 10 bootable USB flash drive easily.

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How to Create Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive


One you have downloaded all the things; proceed with below steps to create Windows 10 bootable flash drive.

Step 1: Connect / Insert your USB Drive to your PC.rufus-windows-10-bootable-flash-drive

Step 2: Run Rufus application on your PC.

Step 3: From Device select your USB drive.

Step 4: Select partition scheme and target system type as “MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers”.

Step 5: Select File system as “NFTS”.

Step 6:  Keep Cutler size, as it is (default).

Step 7: Under format option select following options:

  • Quick format
  • Create a bootable disk using, then click on disk/drive icon and select your Windows 10 ISO file.
  • Create extended labels and icon files.

Step 8: Click on Start button to initialize Windows 10 bootable flash drive creating process.

The bootable flash drive creating process may take few minutes, so wait until it creates a bootable flash drive. Once done, you can safely eject the pen drive to install Windows 10 on your PC or Laptop. Do let us know if you have any problem in following these steps.

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