How to Connect and Use iPad or iPhone as Second Monitor with Mac or PC


Using your iPhone and iPad as second monitor with Mac and Windows may not be something new, but is definitely something to consider if you own any of them. In this article, I will show you how to connect iPad and iPhone as second monitor to your Mac or Windows PC.


There are several apps available on Apps store, which allows you to connect  your iPad and iPhone to Mac or Windows PC and use it as second monitor. However, not all the apps offers same experience. Few apps make use of your WiFi connection, but few apps need you to connect your devices physically using lightning cable.

The major difference between using WiFi connection and physical connection to connect your iPad to your Mac and Windows is that, the devices connected through WiFi mostly encounter lag running your overall experience, whereas a physically connected device have speed and smoother sharing. Both of the apps listed below require you to have a physical lightning or data cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to PC or Mac.

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Method 1: Connect iPhone or iPad to PC or Mac as Second Monitor with TwomonUSB


TwomonUSB is a premium app available on Apps store for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to connect your iPhone or iPad as second monitor to your Windows PC or Mac. TwomonUSB provides faster and smoother video play with 60 frames per second. TwomonUSB supports all iPhone and iPad version and is compatible with Mac, Windows 7 and Windows 8/ 8.1. Download and install TowmonUSB from Apps store, connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or Windows through iTunes and Lightning cable and you are set to go.

Get TwomonUSB from Apps store for $10

Method 2: Connect iPhone or iPad to Mac as Second Monitor with Duet Display


The second app on our list is developed by former Apple engineers and is known as Duet Display. This app allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as an extra display with your Mac. To use this app you need to download Duet on your Mac which is available for free and connect your iPhone or iPad (which has Duet installed) using lightning cable to the Mac.

Get Duet Display from Apps store for $14.99

Both of the above app should  perform similarly. However, there is price difference between these apps. The first app could save an $5, though. Do let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.


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