How to Use Two Whatsapp Account on a Android Phone


Whatsapp being one of the most popular cross messaging app with millions of active users. By default you can’t use one Whatsapp account on two different devices simultaneously. However, you can use two whatsapp account on a single Android phone. Read this guide to know how to install two whatsapp account on an Android phone.


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To be able to use two whatsapp accounts on Android phone you need to install an app called OG whatsapp. OGWhatsapp is a modified  version of whatsapp messenger, which has been tweaked to handle two whatsapp account on a single android phone.

Apart from the ability to run two whatsapp accounts on a single device, OGWhatsapp also has the ability backup and restore whatsapp messages and data.

How to Use Two Whatsapp Account on a  Android Phone

Step 1: Backup Whatsapp data

You need to create full backup of your whatsapp message data. To do this open Whatsapp, tap on Chat Settings and tap on Backup Conversations.

Step 2: Clear Whatsapp Data

Next, you need to clear Whatsapp data on your Android phone. To do this go to settings, tap on Apps, Select Whatsapp from the list and tap on Clear Data button.

Step 3: Rename Whatsapp

Now go to File Manager, tap on /sdcard, find whatsapp from the list of apps and rename whatsapp to OGwhatsApp.

Step 4: Once renamedUninstall official Whatsapp.

Step 5: Once uninstalled, now download OGWhatsapp and install it on your Android phone.

Step 6: OGWhatsapp will ask you to enter your Mobile number. Enter your primary mobile number that you have been using on Offical whatsapp app.

Step 7:  Click on OK to save the settings.

Now that you have one account Whatsapp account running on OGWhatsapp, next step is to create another whatsapp account with official whatsapp.

Step 8: Now download official whatsapp from Google Play store and install it on your Android phone.

Step 9: Now you will be asked to enter your Mobile number. Enter your secondary mobile number for your second Whatsapp account.

Step 10: There you have both the whatsapp accounts running on your Android phone.

Note: This method is recommended for dual SIM android smartphones as you will have both the SIMs active at the time. However, you can also use this trick on your single SIM android phone.



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