How to Solve Cannot Delete/Access Denied Error in Windows


Filer permission on Windows may become frustrating at times when you have been denied to access a file or folder even after when you are logged in as administrator. Errors like cannot delete and access denied pops up when trying to delete a file or accessing a file on your Windows running machine. Fortunately, these error could be solved with utilities like TekeOwnership pro.


TakeOwnership Pro is a free windows utility, which allows you take ownership and grant full permission of any folders and files in Windows. It is a lightweight utility with clean installer and supports Windows versions like Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.

 Download this utility from below link and proceed with installation.  Once successfully installed, click on browser button and select the files which was giving access denied or cannot delete file permission error. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop those files directly to TakeOwnership pro window. Next step is to click on Take Ownership button and wait until Takeownership pro shows a success message. Following steps will shows you how to use takeownership pro and solve Cannot Delete and Access Denied error.

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How to Solve Cannot Delete / Access Denied Error in Windows

Step 1: Download and Install TakeOwnership Pro on your Windows.

Step 2: Launch TakeOwnership Pro by clicking on its icon.

Step 3: Click on Browser button, go to the directory where your files have stored.


Step 4: Find your files with Access Denied or Cannot Delete error and select it.

Step 5: Once selected, click on Take Ownership button and wait until a success message is displayed.

Now, again try to open or delete the file, which was giving Access Denied or Cannot delete error to see if Takeownership has solve this error.

If you don’t want to go though all these steps then, find your file with error, right click on it and select TakeOwnershipPro and file permission will be granted.


Note: If you are using Takeownership pro to solve access denied error then you may want to delete share group named as Everyone that have been created to solve access denied error by Takeownership Pro. To delete this group, right click on your file > Properties > Security and delete Everyone group (if there is any).


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