How to Schedule Posts in WordPress Easily


Being one of the most popular CMS, WordPress is being used by millions of webmasters. However, not every webmaster is aware of every single feature in WordPress and one of those lesser-known feature in WordPress is post schedule feature. It allows you to schedule your post in WordPress. Here in this article I will show you  how to schedule post in WordPress.

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Add new post.

Step 3: Once you are done writing your post instead of clicking on Publish button click on Edit button above publish and beside Publish immediately .


Step 4: Now you will see option to schedule your post. To schedule your post enter date and time on which you want your post to be published and click OK.


Step 5: To finish scheduling, click on Schedule button and you are done.


Note: Make sure that you set time according to 24 hours format and not 12 hours format.  For e.g. if you want to schedule your post at 4PM evening then set time to 16:00 (16:00 = 4PM) as there are no option to select AM/PM while scheduling your post.

One of the best thing a web master / blogger could do to his / her blog is consisting posting that too on time. Writing your blog post in advance and scheduling it will ensure that your reader get to read your article even if you get busy the other day.

Scheduling feature in WordPress also comes in handy when you plan to take few days leave from your blog, but don’t want to stop posting new article on it. You can write and schedule your article for months and all your article will be posted automatically according to your scheduled time.

This is about how you can schedule post on your WordPress blog that too without using any third party plug-ins. You can leave your comments in comment section below.


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