How to Schedule Instagram Posts on Android, iPhone and PC


The default version of Instagram app for your Android and iPhone devices doesn’t come with any option to schedule your Instagram posts. However, there are several third-party tools available, which allow you to schedule instagram posts on  Android, iPhone and your PC.


Now, why you want to schedule instagram post while Instagram is all about updating your status in real time? Scheduling your instagram posts allows you update post at the time of travelling without internet connection or if you want to update your post in between an event. Check out these instagram tools to schedule Instagram post using your Android or iPhone.

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How schedule Instagram post on Android and iPhone

TakeOff is a free app available for Android and iOS powered smartphone. TakeOff allows you to schedule up to 10 posts a day on instagram. The app has a simple user interface and asks you select the number photos you want to schedule for that day (max 10). However, the app itself decides a best time for posting your photos, which means you can’t select any custom date and time for your post.

Download and Install TakeOff on your Android or iPhone devices. Launch the app and sign in with your Instagram account. Once signed in, tap on the gear icon (bottom right) and select the number of posts you want to schedule per day. To add and schedule your post, tap on Large Blue + button at the bottom, next you have option to snap a new photo or select a photo from Gallery or Camera Roll. Next, crop the photo, add a caption, add hashtags and then tap on Green button to schedule your post.

If you want to post the photo immediately then just tap on Post button to post it. If you want to delete any photo, then just tap on it and remove it before TakeOff posts it. However, do remember that TakeOff does not come with any filter option hence you need to apply the filters to your photo before using it with TakeOff for scheduling.

Pro Tip: TakeOff also allows you to add multiple instagram account to it. Just tap on your profile picture, tap Add an account; provide your second instagram account details and you are done. Next time  while scheduling your posts TakeOff will ask you to select the account on which you want to post the photos.

How to Schedule Instagram Post on your Computer

Latergramme  ( $9.50 / Pm) :  Latergramme is a web based tool allowing you to schedule Instagram post using your computer browser. Latergramme is also available for iOS device and could be downloaded from Apps store. With Latergramme you can schedule and organize your posts with custom date and time. Do remember that Latergramme will not post any photo automatically, but it sends you a reminder to post scheduled photo according to the date and time you have scheduled it.

Instapult ($12 / pm) : Instapult is similar to Latergramme , but allows you to manage multiple accounts along with the ability to invite other users to post. You can schedule, edit and apply filters to your image. You can schedule your posts with custom date and time. You can also delete scheduled photos before it is posted.


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