How to Pair and Use Microsoft Band with iPhone


Microsoft’s latest offering Microsoft Band is not a Windows Phone specific device, that means  you could pair it with your Android smartphone and iPhone easily. Here is a tutorial on how to pair Microsoft Band with your iOS 8 running iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and other older version of iPhones.



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How to Pair Microsoft Band with iPhone

Follow these steps to pair your Microsoft band with iPhone. To pair your iPhone with Microsoft band your iPhone should be running on iOS 7.1 or above. Also, note that Instant Quick response feature doesn not work with iPhone.

Step 1: Download and Install Microsoft Health app from the App store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Turn on Microsoft Band.

Step 3: Launch / Open Microsoft Health app on your iPhone and sign in using Microsoft account (Hotmail / Outlook).

Step 4: Now tap on Setting in you iPhone.

Step 3: Next tap on Bluetooth and turn it on.

Step 4: Now search for devices to pair.

Step 5: Find MSFT Band (Microsoft Band) in the list of available devices and select it to start pairing.

Step 6: Once pairing completes, tap on Microsoft Health app to launch it and complete the setup.

Step 7: Press Action button to start the action on your Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band comes with 24-hour heart rate monitor allowing you to understand how much calories you have burn, sleeping pattern and resetting your heart rate. Built in GPS features will allows you to find your ways without your phone. Other features includes, Guided workouts, Run, Calorie tracking, Goal Settings, Steps, Sleep tracking and UV monitor.

The bright display will make it easier to read even in direct sunlight along with personalization options to customize your Band the way you want it to look. You could also read text messages received on your smartphone, see notifications for incoming call along with option to reject or accept them.


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