Which Indian Debit Cards Work on PayPal and Google Wallet


When it comes to India, we don’t have many options to make international transactions until and unless you own a credit card from a private bank like HDFC, ICICI and Axis Bank etc. Now, what if you don’t have credit card from these banks? You cannot make online transactions on online portals, which accepts credit cards only. For example, you cannot buy apps from Google Play store or Apps Store, which requires you to have a credit card for the purchase.


Google Wallet and PayPal do not accept most of the Indian debit cards including SBI debit cards. However, there are exceptions for debit cards issued from Banks like ICICI and Axis. So here I have made the list of Indian debit cards, which works on PayPal, Google Wallet and other Non-VBV Sites.

Indian Debit Card Works on PayPal and Google Wallet

Bank Name  Accepted by PayPal / Google Wallet
ICICI Bank Debit Card  Yes
HDFC Bank Debit Card  Yes
Axis Bank Debit Card  Yes
Union Bank Debit Card  Yes


As you can see above there are four Indian debit cards, which could be used  on PayPal and Google Wallet. I have personally used ICICI bank debit card and it works like a true credit card. ICICI debit card also works for Facebook ads, which only accepts credit cards.

However, before you make payment using your ICICI bank debit card here are few things you should keep in mind.

  • ICICI Bank debit card does not need Verified by Visa pin to make transactions. Which means your card will be charged if you have subscribed to any monthly-based program without your information. Hence, always be careful about where you use your card.
  • While opening new account ask for International Debit card.
  • Once you receive your card, you need to activate international transaction on your debit card. Call up ICICI customer care service, and ask them to activate international transaction on your ICICI bank debit card. The activation will take up to 24 hours, after which you could use it for any international transaction similarly like any credit card except the fact that your bank account will be debited instantly.

AXIS Bank users also need to follow same steps and are require to activate international transaction. However, I am not sure about whether it will work like ICICI bank debit card and will be accepted by websites like Facebook, Linode and Virgin Money except PayPal and Google Wallet.

Union Bank users also need to activate international transaction on their debit card. After, which you could be able to make purchase on PayPal and Google Wallet and other Non-VBV websites*.

HDFC Bank user may also require to activate international transaction on their debit card by calling HDFC CC (customer care).

Also, keep in mind that SBI and other banks also issue international debit cards, but they are not valid for online international transactions. Have any doubts or question? leave your queries below in the comment section.


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