How to Create Stunning Infographics Online for Free [Best Tools]


Infographics are the best way to present your information visually using graphs, charts and graphics. It allows you to quickly learn or teach about a topic without using thousands of words about a topic. Now if you want to represent your case study or presentation in the form of infographic, here is how to create your infographic easily with these free to use online tools.

Best Tools to Create Infographics Online

Here I have listed the best tools available online to create infographics. All you have to do is, visit the website, choose your template and start creating your infographic.

  1. PiktoChart 



Piktochart is one of the best website to create infographics online. It has a very easy to use interface and requires you to create an account before proceeding with creating infographic. You can create new account or login using Facebook or Google plus account.

Next, choose from any free template available on piktochart and your infographic format based on your infographic type including Banner and Presentation. Once you add all the information you can download your infogrpahic in PNG or JPEG format. However, premium users will have the option to download in PDF format.



Creating infographics on Easel is easy at it offers hundreds of templates, which have been made earlier by other people or companies hence you can edit them according to your need. You can also upload your own graphics or images or create new infographic using a blank template.

Once you are done with creating your template click on Present button at the top right corner, click on Save and give a name to your Presentation and save it. Next, click on Download and select between low quality, high quality and Downloading as PDF to download it on your PC.

  1. Canva 


Canva is an online tool for creating stunning designs for your Album / Podcast cover, Social media cover, presentation, Poster, Facebook cover, Infoghraphic, Documents etc. Login to Canva and begin with selecting Infographic template. Unlike other websites, here you could design your infographic the way you want to look by using layouts, backgrounds, images and texts. Your infographic will be saved automatically as you make progress in it.


how-to-create-infographic-online-infogram is a premium infographic creation tool, but also offers standard free account with some limitations. To create infographic register an account on and then start by clicking on Create button. Next, select any infographic template and edit it to create your infographic by adding text, pictures, videos, charts and more. Once you are done with creating your Infographic, simply click on Publish button to publish your infographic on the web itself and share it on your Facebook and Twitter profile. However, to download infographic you need to upgrade to the premium account.

  1. Visme 




The last but not the least tool on our list of best Infographic creator tool is Visme. Visme is a premium tool, but also offers free account with limited set of features. Like all other tools, Visme  also ask you to register before creating infographic. Once logged in, click on Create New Visme button and enter your project name. Now Click on Infographic, select from various templates, edit your infographic and click on Publish. Next click on Download button to download it on your PC.


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