How to Find Total RAM Memory Slots in Your Computer / Laptop


Modern day laptops and computers come with more than one memory slots, which allows you to expand your Physical memory (RAM) capacity easily. Increasing your RAM (physical memory) size could boost performance of your laptop or computer. Now before you make a purchase, you should check the number of memory slots available in your PC.

There are several methods to find the number of memory slots available in your PC. If you are technical enough then the easiest way is to check the number of available slots is by removing your computer’s back cover. However, if you don’t want to mess with physical things then you can make use of software like Crucial System scanner to check it.

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Find Total Memory Slots using Crucial System Scanner

Crucial is one of the largest flash storage manufacture in the world  and this utility called Crucial System Scanner is developed by the company to determine the memory slots  and other hardware specification of your computer. Using Crucial Online tool is fairly easier than thought. Follow these steps to use this tool.

Step 1: Download Crucial System Scanner on your PC

Step 2: Run the downloaded program

Step 3: Now in a new tab of your browser, Crucial will show the scanning process of your computer.

Step 4: After the successful scan, Crucial online tool will show you the number of slots available in your computer including current memory size and number of free / empty slots. It will look like below image.


As you can see in the above image, your Laptop model number, Maximum memory means the maximum amount of RAM you can install on your PC. In my case it is 8GB (8192MB) and total memory Slots as 2. (2 banks of 1) indicates that the 1 out of 2 slot is in use and 1 slot empty.

At the right side you could see the recommended or compatible RAM sticks by Crucial. If you are planning to upgrade then you can use that information find a better deal for your PC.

Find Total Memory Slots by Examining the Motherboard

The second method requires you to open your laptop or cabinet case in order to determine the available memory slots. If you are using Dell inspiron series laptop then just open the small Memory cover and from there you can change or view the available memory slots. Refer your manufacturer’s manual for more information. 

If you are on PC, then you should see memory slots beside processor and fan assembly (refer below image).


Tip : A 32 Bit OS running PC / Laptop can only use maximum 4GB of RAM. To use more than 4GB RAM you should have a 64 bit OS running PC.


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