How to Export Contacts from iPhone and Import to iCloud and Gmail


Contacts, one of the most important things stored in your iPhone. However, unlike Android smartphones you don’t get any direct option to export all your contacts from your iPhone at one go until and unless you choose to sync them with your iCloud account. What if you are unable to access your iCloud or Gmail account to synchronize your contacts? Here is how you can export saved contacts from iPhone and then sync them with your iCloud and Gmail account easily.


There are few handy methods through which you would be able to export contacts from your iPhone to other device or sync them to your iCloud account or Gmail account after exporting them.

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Export Your iPhone Contacts with My Contacts Backup

My Contact Backup is a iPhone application, which allows you to send your contacts in universal format to yourself through Email in .vcf format. Here is how you can use it to export your contacts from iPhone.

Step 1: Download and Install My Contacts Backup on your iPhone from Apps store.

Step 2: Once installed, launch the app and allow it to access your contacts.

Step 3: Now you will see a Backup button at the middle of the screen.

Note: The backup will be created in .vcf format. However, to change it, tap on Settings (Gear icon) below Backup button and select CSV (Excel) format else leave it default. Under Export configuration setting you can choose what type of files you want to backup.  

Step 4: Tap on Backup button and it will begin scanning your device for Contacts.


Step 5: After successfully scanning your contacts, it will create .vcf file consisting of your iPhone contacts.

Step 6: After creating a successful backup of your contacts, you will see an Email button.

Step 7: Tap on that Email button and it will bring up Mail app with a attachment of your contact in .vcf format.

Step 8: Enter your Email address to which you want to send the contact backup and tap Send.

How to Import Contacts to Google / Gmail account

Importing your iPhone contacts to Gmail allows you to synch it with other non-iOS devices easily. To do this go to > and log in with your Gmail account. Click on More, select Import and select the .vcf file that you received in your email.


How to Import iPhone Contacts to  iCloud account

Step 1:  Login to your iCloud account.

Step 2: Tap on Contacts > Settings > select Import vCard.

Step 3: Select your contact backup file that you received in your email.

Step 4: To export the backup to your iPhone, log in to iCloud account and export your contacts.

 You can also send your Contacts manually through SMS or Mail. To do this go to Contacts > tap on the contact you want to send > tap on Share contact > select Message or Mail to send your contact through that medium. However, with this method you can send only one contact at a time, so it’s a time consuming task if you have hundreds of contacts in the list.


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