How to Detect Malicious Code in Your WordPress Website with Plugins


WordPress is one of the best free CMS to run your self hosted blog. Along with all the freedom you get with a self-hosted WordPress blog, there is always risk of your blog being targeted by hackers to inject malicious codes or links.


Other ways through which your WordPress website  could be infected with malicious code is with third-party themes, which usually available for free, but includes malicious code in them. Fortunately, there are several WordPress plugins available, which will scan your website for malicious code and detect them to the administrator.  Here I have put together 6 best WordPress plugins to detect malicious code in your blog.

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  1. Exploit Scanner

Exploit Scanner is a security plugin, which can scans your blog for suspicious codes and detects it. After installing Exploit Scanner, you need to run a scan, and it will scan your files and database of your website to find any unwanted suspicious code. However, Exploit Scanner can only scan and detect codes, but can’t remove them and you have to manually remove those codes from your website.

  1. TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker)

TAC is a another WordPress security related plugin designed to help you in finding any suspicious code in your website’s theme. It scans source file of installed WordPress theme and detect any code if found. It also shows you the path where the detected code resides, so that you could remove them easily. It also detects hidden footer links in your WordPress theme, which is not at all good for SEO.

  1. Anti-Malware

Unlike Exploit scanner, Anti Malware allows you to scan and remove any malicious code from your website. Once installed, this plugin scan for viruses and malware in your WordPress website and you can choose to remove it automatically as well.

  1. WP Antivirus Site Protection

WP Antivirus Site Protection is a WordPress plugin,  which works like Anti Virus on your PC by scanning each every file that you upload to your database, your installed themes and other files. If plugin find’s anything after the scan then you can remove it with its removal utility.  It also sends you Email notification to alert about any suspicious code or error.

  1. Securi Security

Securi is yet another plugin you can install to monitor your Websites against any suspicious activity in your database or files. Other feature in Securi Security includes the ability to send security notifications, blacklist monitoring, and malware scanning. Premium version of this plugin comes with a firewall add-on to block any harmful attack on your website.

  1. WordPress AntiVirus

As the name indicates, WordPress AntiVirus is a WordPress security plugin, which works as an antivirus for your website. It scans for any backdoor malware links in your website and your theme files for any malicious code. It scans your website frequently and reports the admin through Email notification.


These are the best WordPress plugin to detect malicious codes in your website. What’s your pick? Have you used any of these plugins or have any better alternative? Do let us know in the comments below.


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