How to Use PrefDelete to Delete Tweaks Directly from Settings without Cydia


Deleting a jailbreak tweak requires you to open up Cydia on your device. Is it possible to delete tweaks without using Cydia? Yes, it is possible to delete jailbreak tweaks without using Cydia on your device. Follow this tutorial to know how to delete tweaks directly from Settings app without Cydia.

A developer called Brave Heart has developed a Cydia tweak called PrefDelete. PrefDelete allows you to delete tweaks from the Settings app. PrefDelete could be installed from BigBoss repository.


Note: PrefDelete has received mixed reviews in which few successfully removed tweaks using PrefDelete where as few reported it to be not working on their devices.  

How to Use PrefDelete to Delete Tweaks

Using PrefDelete is very simple.  Follow these steps to know how to use it.

Step 1: Install PrefDelete from BigBoss repository.

Step 2: From Settings app, find the tweak you want to delete / Uninstall.

Step 3: Now tap and hold the tweak you wish to uninstall.

Step 4: A notification will appear asking you to confirm the decision to uninstall your selected tweak.

Step 5: If you are sure to delete it, tap on Uninstall to complete the deleting process.

Step 6: Now you will be prompted to Respring your device.

Note: PrefDelete can only delete tweaks, which come with a preference pane.

This was about how to you can delete tweaks directly from Settings app without opining Cydia on your device. The biggest advantage of using PrefDelete is its ability to delete tweaks from Apps settings, which requires Cydia to do the same task otherwise. According to the developer, PrefDelete is compatible with the latest (iOS 8) and older version (iOS 7) of iOS.

However, it also worth mentioning that if your tweak doesn’t come with any preferences to the settings app then PrefDelete will not be able to remove that tweak and currently there is no other way to remove those tweaks except Cydia.

 Go ahead, try Prefdelete on your iDevice and let us know if it has worked for you in the comments below.


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