How to Create GIF Animation on Android From Videos


Creating GIF animation from your captured videos or YouTube video allows you to share them easily without need of uploading the whole video just to show few frames of it. You can convert videos into GIF animation in PC with online and offline tool, but how to do the same with Android Phone or Tablet? Today in this article, I will show you how to create GIF animation on Android Phone using Videos.

How to Create GIF on Android From Videos

There are two methods to create GIF on Android Phone and Tablets. First method requires you to download a GIF creation app from Google Play Store and the second method is based on Online GIF converting tool.

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 Method 1: Use GIF Maker for Android Phone and Tablet

GIF Maker is a free Android application, which allows you to edit videos to create GIF animations from them. You can create GIF from phone’s camera or by importing images and videos from your phone’s library. You can also remove unwanted frames from your videos to create a quality GIF animation. Follow these steps to create GIF animation from Videos.

Step 1: Download and Install GIF Maker on your Android device.

Step 2: Once installed, launch the GIF maker.

Step 3: Tap on Video option, select a video from your SD card to import it.

Step 4: After selecting your video, you will see a timeline slider. Drag a slider to begin and another slider to the end point.

Step 5: At the top, you can change the size by scaling the video and  also can change frames per second.

Step 6: Tap Next button.

Step 7: Tap Make GIF button to start creating your GIF file.

GIF maker will take some time to create your GIF file based on your length and quality of the GIF animation. You can change the default folder to save GIF file from settings of GIF maker. GIF Maker is indeed a great utility to create GIF animations from videos, except the fact that it uses lots of hardware resources from your device. If you own a high-end Android device then GIF Maker is a recommended app for you.

Method 2: Use Animated GIF Generator  

Animated GIF Generator is a online utility which allows you to create GIF animations on your Phone and PC. All you have to do is paste a video URL from YouTube or upload a video to the website, select your Settings and Generate your GIF file.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Copy a video URL from YouTube or other websites and paste it in the given field. alternatively, you can also upload video from your phone to the GIF Generator.


Step 3: Below from timeline select beginning point and end point using the Red and Green sliders.


Step 4: Tap on Generate gif to render your GIF file.

Note that, with free account you could only create 10 seconds GIF animation. The premium account removes this restriction.


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