How to Convert Video into GIF Animation


Converting a video into Gif not only reduces the size of the file from MBs to KBs, but it also allows you to show the animation of your video where you cannot embed video from other sources or directly upload them. Today’s article will guide you on how to convert video into GIF Animation.

There are several methods to convert Video into Gif animation, which includes online GIF generators, offline tools to create GIF files and premium programs like Photoshop. Below I have listed 3 methods to convert video into GIF animations easily.

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Method 1: Animated GIF Generator

Animated GIF Generator is an online Gif generating tool, which allows you to generate GIF files from YouTube videos or through uploading your videos directly. Follow these steps to know how to use GIF generator.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Open your YouTube video or video from any other source and copy its URL.

Step 3: Paste the URL in the given field.



Step 4: Now your video will be available for Preview.

Step 5: Now drag Green slider to where you want to begin recording and Red slider to where you want to end it.


Note: With a free account, you could only make 10 seconds Gif file. Premium account comes without this restriction.

Step 6: There are few option like “Create Anonymously” “Private” “Remove imgflip watermark”. To remove watermark you need a premium account.

Step 7: Click on Generate GIF to convert your Video into GIF.


If you prefer to upload your video to convert GIF animation then instead of pasting YouTube url, you could click on Upload Video, upload your video and follow above steps to create Gif file from it.

Method 2: Use LICEcap to Convert Video Into Gif

LICEcap is a simple screen capture tool, which allows you to create animated Gif from your Videos. Apart from recording video files, you could also use it record your desktop screen and convert them to Gif animations.

Step 1: Download and Install LICEcap. It is a light application of 300KB and requires 1MB of free space to install it on your PC.

Step 2:  Now launch / Open LICEcap.

Step 3: Play your video on YouTube or on your PC itself.

Step 4: Now pause your Video from where you want to begin the recording.

Step 5:  Click on Record button of LICEcap to begin the recording.

Step 6: Click on Stop button to stop the recording and save it. If you want to continue recording then click on Pause button whenever you want to skip a frame and then click on Unpause to continue.

Method 3: Free Video to GIF Converter

Free Video to GIF Converter is yet another GIF to video converter tool, but unlike LICEcap it offers several new feature which are not there in LICEcap. However, this feature does make it bit heavy application than LICEcap.

Step 1: Download and Install Free Video to GIF Converter.

Step 2: Launch Free Video to GIF Converter and click on Browse Video button.

Step 3: Once selected click on Next  button.

Step 4: Under Create GIF tab, you can remove all the frames that you don’t want to include in GIF file.


Step 5: Under Color Matching, select “Normal Quality” or “Excellent Quality”.

Step 6: Click on Make Gif button to create Gif animation from your Videos.

There are several other utilities available to convert Video into Gif Animation including Microsoft Gif creator and Photoshop. Do you have any tip? Do let us know in the comments.


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