How to Change System Font of Your Yosemite Running Mac


We have discussed about the new features and changes that Yosemite brought with the release to your Mac and you could read about them in recommended read section later. However, one change that you would certainly notice on your Yosemite running machine is that the default font (Lucida Grande) has been replaced with new font (Helvetica Neue). If you are not comfortable with the new font then in this article I will show you how to change font on your Yosemite running Mac.


What’s wrong in Helvetica Neue font? Nothing, in fact it looks great on a high resolution Mac. However, if you own a bit old model of Mac (non-Retina display) then you may not find this font appealing to your eyes while reading.  Follow these steps to know how to change fonts in Yosemite Mac.

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How to Change System Font on Your Yosemite Running Mac

Before you proceed with below steps, make sure that you have downloaded the font that you want to apply on your Yosemite running Mac. There are several sources from where you can download fonts for your Mac for free in .ttf and other formats.

Download Fonts for Mac Yosemite from the following the sources :

You could also find free Mac fonts from other sources including Github.

Step 1: Download and Extract the font you wish to apply to your Mac Yosemite.

Step 2: Now press Cmd + Shift + G to open Finder and type in /Library/Fonts.

Step 3: Hit enter to open the fonts fodder on your Mac HD hard drive.

Step 4: This folder contains of your system Fonts.

Step 5: Now just drag the extracted font from your Downloads folder to Fonts folder.

Step 6: As soon as you drag over the fonts, your new Font will be activated.

Step 7: Now to see your new Font in action, simply Log off from your Mac and then Log in.

Now if you want to remove the newly installed font then just delete the font from Font folder, restart your Mac to get default font back.


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