Best Screen Recording Software for Mac Yosemite


If you are into video editing or creating tutorials with your Mac then screen recording software is one of the essential tool you should have installed on your Mac. Here I have made the list of best screen recording software for Yosemite running Mac. These screen recording software are also compatible with previous version of OS X.


  1. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player may not be the best screen recording software for your Mac, but is definitely worth a shot because it is free. QuickTime Player comes preinstalled in your Mac, so you don’t need to download it. If you are using Yosemite running Mac then you could also record your iPhone screen from Mac Yosemite using Quicktime Player.

QuickTime Player allows you to record full screen as well as portion of your screen with audio recording capability. This is a basic screen recording tool yet come in handy for beginners or for the task, which does not require advanced recording features.

  1. Voila : Screen Recorder and Capturing Tool

If you don’t mind spending few bucks for premium tool then Voila is the tool for you. Voila is a powerful screen recording tool with tons of custom options to make best out of this tool and make your video look professional. You could record your desktop in full-screen on in portion and share your recording via YouTube, Social Media, Mail and FTP. Voila also comes with variety of image editing features which allows you shape your capture the way you want it to look.

Get Voila from iTune for : $14.99

  1. Screen Flow: Screen Casting and Editing

Another premium tool for Mac is Screen Flow. Screen Flow is recommended for professionals as it comes with price tag of $99, but with worthy set of features as well. It allows you to record the contents of your entire monitor while capturing your Video camera, iOS device (iPhone and iPad), Microphone and your audio from your Mac.

Apart from screen recording, it also brings you the ease of editing for your recorded videos. With editing options, you could add extra image, text and music to your videos. The videos could be save in MP4, MOV, M4V video format and ready to share on YouTube, Vimeo  and Facebook etc.

Get Screen Flow for $99

  1. QuickCast

QuickCast is a basic screen recording software for Mac available for free. You could quickly record screen on your Mac using QuickCast. However, do remember to record everything quickly as QuickCast comes with only 3 minute of screen recording feature. It allows you record specific portion of your Mac screen. QuickCast is ideal for basic short video recording on your Mac.

Get QuickCast

  1. Screencast Maker

Screen maker is no different to QuickCast except the fact that it allows you to record video without any time limit. However, you need spend few bucks before your start recording screen of your Mac using Screencast Maker. You could record selected area or full screen of your Mac along with option to record from webcam and audio output from your Microphone.

Get Screencast Maker for : $4.99

This sums up the best screen recording and capturing software for Mac. You may comment about your favourite screen recording software in the comments below.


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