6 Best Skype Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know


Skype is one of the most popular Voice-over IP service with instant messaging capability. People prefer Skype over any other VOIP service for video calling and voice calling need over internet, because it is free and fast as well.  You could also make calls to Landline or Mobile using Skype after purchasing Skype credit. Here I have listed the best tips and tricks for Skype that you could try to make most of your Skype application.


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Best 6 Skype Tricks and Tips

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts for Skype


By using keyboard shortcuts, you could avoid using your trackpad for every single click on Skype. Skype comes with few keyboard shorts predefined for most used functions like answering a call with video or declining an incoming call.

Before you start using these keyboard shortcuts, you need to enable hotkeys in your Skype. To do this, launch Skype, click on Tools and select Options. Under Options windows, click on Advanced setting and select Hotkeys. Check/ Tick “Enable keyboard shortcuts” and below you could see predefined shortcuts for answering a call with video, Hanging up and declining a call.

Now if you want to set keyboard shortcut for any other function then select it from Action list, select Shift or Ctrl or Alt then type in any letter you wish to work as shortcut. Once selected, click on Save to save the settings.

  1. Display Your Caller ID


Whenever you make calls to any landline or mobile number using Skype, then by default your caller ID will be shown as Unknown Number. However, if you want to show your number instead of unknown number then here is how you can set up and display your caller ID.

To do this, click on Skype and select Account from the list. Next, a webpage will open in your default web browser with your account details. Click on Caller ID select Country/Region. Enter your phone number and click on Verify Number to verify your number. Now you will be sent a verification code on your mobile, enter the same verification code to verify your number. Note that you should have some Skype credit to send this verification SMS.

  1. Customize Notification


Another interesting feature on Skype is the ability to notify the user only when a particular keyword is included in the message. To do this click on any of your contact to open their IM window, then click on Conversation and select Notification settings. In IM Notification Setting window, select “Notify me only if these words are mentioned:” and type in the word below for which you want to be notified. However, do remember that using this feature will disable notifications for all other messages, which does not include these words.

  1. Hide Typing Indicator


Typing indicator (moving pencil) in Skype is a handy feature showing if anyone is writing something. However, if you want to disable typing Indicator on Skype then here is how to do it.

Click on Tools then select Options from the list. Next, click on IM & SMS tab and IM Settings then click on Show Advanced options. Uncheck “show when I am typing” and click on Save to turn off typing indicator.

  1. Backup Skype Contacts


Skype provides inbuilt option to backup all your contacts on Skype. You can backup your Skype contacts easily by heading over to Contacts > hover cursor on Advanced and select Backup Contacts to File. Now provide a name to you backup file and select the directory where you want to save your backup.

You can restore the backup from Contacts > Advanced > Restore Contacts from File and select the back file you have saved to restore the contacts.

  1. Edit Last Sent Message


Oops made a typo? Don’t worry. If you are on Skype then you can easily edit last sent message and resend the edited message. Just use up arrow key on your keyboard, edit your sent message and when you are done with editing, hit enter to resend the edited message.

These are the best 6 tips and tricks for Skype. Which one is your favourite? Do you know any tip that you think should included in the list? Do let us know in the comment below.


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