5 Time Saving Google Tricks That You Probably Didn’t Know


Google, the search giant is used by millions of people daily can be used as more than just a search engine.  With Google search, you could perform tasks like currency conversion, time zone conversion, calculator etc.  Check out the list of 5 best Google tricks in this article that you probably did not know.

1. Time Zone Converter


Recently Google added time zone converter feature to its search result. You can use Google search to quickly perform time zone conversation by using plain English commands. To use this feature, open your browser and enter search query like this: convert 10 am EDT to IST and hit enter to get the result as “8:30 pm Saturday, Indian Standard Time (IST)”.  You can also view current local time by typing search query as “Current time in India” or “Current Time in USA”.

2. Currency Converter


Currency conversion feature in Google allows you to convert your local currency into any other international currency.  For example to convert USD to INR, type in “Convert USD to INR” in the search box and hit enter.  Google will display result based on current market exchange rate.

3. Calculator


 Do you know you could use Google search as calculator? Google search allows you to perform basic calculations directly from the search box. Suppose if you want to perform multiplication then type in 584 x 5 and hit enter to get the result.

4. Get Flight Timing


Are you a frequent flyer? With Google search, you can check any flights departure and arrival time directly from the search box. Type in your city of departure and arrival point in the search bar and hit enter. E.g. type “Bombay to Goa flight schedule” and hit enter to view all the available flights with duration and timing.

 5. Set Timer


This is yet another handy feature available in Google search. You can easily set timer on Google search by entering set timer of (minutes). E.g. Set timer 30 minutes. However, it also has option to stop and reset the time. Additionally click on frame icon to  see the timer in full screen.


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