How to Transfer Files to iPhone Over WiFi from PC and Mac


There are several ways to transfer files from your PC or Mac to your iPhone and this article will guide you on how to transfer files to iPhone over WiFi from PC and Mac.

Why WiFi? Because it is hassle free and does not require any external tools except a stable WiFi network. You can also use iTunes to transfer files to our iPhone from PC, but it also requires you to connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac physically. Now if you don’t have iTunes installed or if you forgot your data cable then you would need to postpone your transfer task until you get access to the required tools.

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To transfer files to iPhone over WiFi we will be using an app called WiFiTransfer. You need to connect your iPhone and PC or Mac to the same network to proceed with this task. Connect your iPhone and your PC to the same WiFi network. Then download WiFiTransfer app from Apps store to your iPhone. Next, you have enter an web address given by WiFiTransfer app on your PC browser. Follow these steps to know the same.

How to Transfer Files to iPhone Over WiFi

Step 1: Download WiFiTransfer app from iTunes.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone and PC or Mac to same WiFi network.

Step 3: Launch WiFiTransfer app on your iPhone.

Step 4: From bottom left corner tap on a switch that you see in the bottom (refer below image).


Step 5: After taping on it, you will see web address something like

Step 6: Now open any web browser on your PC (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera or Safari).

Step 7: Enter web address you see on WiFiTransfer app and hit enter.


Step 8: Now you will see an option to Upload and choose file.

Step 9: Click on Choose files button from the browser.

Step 10: Now select any file from your PC. It could be media or document file.

Step 12: Once selected, click Upload button to start synchronizing.

Step 13: You will see a success message once the file is successfully synched.

Step 14: Now open WiFiTransfer app to view your synched – Transferred app on your iPhone.

Note: Be sure that while the transfer is in progress WiFiTransfer app on your iPhone is active. Don’t switch to other apps when the transfer is in progress.

You could also try the pro version of this app, which will not bother you with its annoying banner ads in the app.


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