How to Sign Out from Google Play Store in Android Phone


Android users can have access to millions of apps and games through Play Store. Now, Google Play store may have millions of apps to install on Android phone, but a basic feature you may wish to have in  Play Store is the ability to sign out from it. In today’s round we will see how you can sign out from Google Play Store in my Android phone

How to Sign Out from Google Play Store in Android

If you have been looking for a way to Sign from Google Play Store then you might know that Google Plays Store does not have any inbuilt log out option. Though, it has been one of the most requested feature by Android users, Google is yet to honor this request by providing a sign out button in Google Play Store. However, here we have two methods by which you should be able to sign out from Google Play Store in Android.  The below given methods should also work for your Android phone as well as tablet. 

How to Sign Out from Google Play Store in Android

To sign out from Google Play Store in Android you need to remove your Google account from Google account settings. Navigate, to Settings, under Accounts, tap on Google. From Accounts section, tap on your Email ID that you have synced with Google Play Store.

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Now tap on three dots (top right corner) and tap on Remove Account. This will remove your synced account from Google Play Store and you will be logged out from Google Play Store. Follow these steps to know more in detail.

1. Close Google Play Store application if running.

2.  Tap on Settings from Menu screen. You can also access settings from Quick Setting window by tapping on Settings icon (gear icon).




3. Under Settings, find Account section and tap on Google.


4.  Under Accounts section tap on your email address or your synced account.

5. Now tap on three dots (top right corner) and select Remove account.


6. Confirm your decision if prompted to do so.

As soon as you remove your account, you will automatically logout from Google Play Store. This may not be a one-tap log out solution, but you could use it until Google adds logout option in Google Play Store.

Alternatively, you could also use an app called Log out. Log out allows you to sign out from Play Store in Android  with a just a tap. Download and install Logout from Google Play Store on your device, launch Log out and tap on Logout all accounts.


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