How to Search and Find Files and Folders on Windows


The default search option on Windows 7 or Windows Vista helps you to search files and folders easily by typing the name of your files. It comes in handy when you have to search for any installed program on your PC, and run it from the start screen.

Even though the default search is useful, but I always had difficulties to find individual files stored in PC. For example, searching for a song or a folder brings no result and I have to open each media folder to find that song. Fortunately, we have a third party tool called “Everything”. It allows you to search for everything stored in your PC including programs, folders and files.


Here is how to search and find files and folders on your PC with the use of Everything. Follow these steps to know how to install “Everything” and how to use it.

How to Search and Find Files and Folders on Windows with Search Everything

Step 1: Download Everything from voidtools (Download).

Step 2: Once downloading completes, install it on your PC.

Step 3: Now run Search Everything. You can find it by typing Search Everything on start menu.

Step 4: In Everything window, type any keyword you would like to search for.

You can search for all the saved mp3 files on your PC, by typing .mp3 in the search field. To find any folder, you could type in folder name and hit enter. You can even search for images and sort them according to their file format.  Type in yourimagename.png or yourimagename.jpeg and hit enter.

Name section will show you the name of found results matching with your keyword and path section will show the directly path where your files have been stored. This also comes in handy if you are trying to upload any document to web, but don’t know where you have stored in the directory. You can search the file, copy the file path and upload it. To do this, right click on your file and click on open path.

That’s about how to use search everything to find files and folders on Windows PC. You can read about more detailed use of Everything from the official website of voidtool.


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