How to Run Files with Unknown – Missing File Extension


Occasionally we all get struck with a file of unknown or missing extension. This usually happens when you download new software on your PC, which could not be identified by your PC. Now if you know the file extension and have a programme installed on your PC to run that program then you could just run it with compatible extension. Like, if you have .txt file then you could just select notepad to run the file. However, if the extension or file is unknown then here is how to run files with unknown and missing file extension.

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How to run files with Unknown – Missing File Extension

Here I have made the list of few programs, which will help you to find compatible extension for your file.

Find Extension with TrlD

TrlD is free windows utility, which analyzes the file from its database consist of 5000 extensions. TrlD is available in both GUI and command interface version. However, the GUI based interface seems to be much user friendly as the command interface is not for everyone.

Once you select the file, TrlD will analyse it and will give recommendations based on your file type. If you choose the offline version of TrlD then it will analyse your file and will provide recommendations and link based on you file type.

Find Unknown Extension with File Identifier


File Identifier is another simple yet useful utility, which allows you to find extension for unknown files. You can download and install file identifier. Once installed, right click on your file of unknown extension and select show file information to see related information about your file. You can also double click on your file and select “Search for programs that open” to find compatible extension for your file.

Find Unknown Extension with is an online tool, which provides detailed information about most file extension and links to free programs that can open or run your file. It also depends on its database, which is consisting of thousands of extension information and new file types are added daily.


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