How to Remove Malicious Extensions from Google Chrome


Google has released a new tool called Software removal tool for Google Chrome users on Windows, which allows you to scan for malicious software that are causing problem in your browser. Today’s article will show you how to remove malicious extensions from Google Chrome with Google’s software removal tool.

Google Chrome has over a billion users, which gained attention of thousands of genuine developers. However, the user base has also attracted spammers to create spyware and adware to steal crucial user information. Adwares replaces the existing ads on any webpage with their own ads resulting in unwanted pop-ups of spamming websites.

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Now to fight with these spammers and their spyware addon and extensions Google released its own version of spyware remover in the form of Software removal tool. You can download Google software removal tool from below given link. Once added to Google Chrome, you have to run it with administrator rights to function. The tool will scan for any suspicious software extension installed on Chrome browser. If found (any malicious software), you can remove it by clicking on remove suspicious program to get rid of it. Here is how you can remove malicious extensions from Google Chrome with Google’s software removal tool.

Check and Remove Malicious Extensions from Google Chrome

Step 1: Download Google Removal tool from Google’s official website.

Step 2: Once downloaded, you have to install with administrative rights.

Step 3: As soon as you click on run, software removal tool will start scanning your browser for malicious software.

Step 4: If found anything suspicious, you could remove that extension from your browser by clicking on remove option.

Step 5: Else, you will see a No suspicious program found window saying, “No Suspicious programs found. For more information, visit Google Chrome help centre”.

google-software-removal-tool If you are prompted to reset chrome browser setting then you could cancel it if no suspicious programs found. Else, proceed with Reset option so that you get clean Google Chrome settings.


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