How to Pin My Computer Shortcut to Taskbar in Windows 7


My Computer is one of the most useful shortcut available on any Windows desktop as it allows you to access all your hard drive partitions, external drives, favourites, Network and Homegroup etc. However, if you want to pin My Computer to your Taskbar in Windows 7 running PC then follow this article to do it.

Unlike any other shortcuts, pinning My Computer to your Taskbar is a bit tedious task and requires you to follow few more steps than just right click and pin to taskbar, which we usually follow to pin any shortcut to taskbar. Follow these steps to know how to pin My Computer Shortcut to Taskbar in Windows 7.

How to Pin My Computer Shortcut to Taskbar in Windows 7

Step 1: Right click on your desktop screen and select “Refresh”. Well, this step is optional, you could proceed to step two without following it as well.

Step 2: Right Click on your desktop screen, point your cursor to New and select Shortcut.


Step 3: Under create shortcut windows type in below location address.

%windir%explorer.exe shell:MyComputerFolder


Step 4: Once you type in location address, click Next.

Step 5: Next, provide name for this shortcut.


Step 6: Click Finish to create the shortcut.

Step 7: Right click on newly created shortcut, select Properties, click Change icon and select any icon for your newly created My Computer shortcut.






Note: Step 7 is optional; it is just to differentiate your newly created My Computer shortcut from Library as both the icons looks similar.

Step 8: Now right click on newly created shortcut and select Pin to Taskbar.




From now on, you would be able to access My Computer from your Taskbar.  Also read, how to change Windows 7 boot screen animation or Logo.


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